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Fast IDP is a family business

We have a close-knit team made up of a close-knit family; Bonna (mom), Rob (dad), and Jamie (son) are the main people running the show.  We consider ourselves lucky to work with some of the people we love and enjoy spending time with most in this world. There are a few other team members who help make Fast IDP run, though the odds are good that if you interact with someone at Fast IDP, it will be one of us.  We look forward to working together to serve for you.

Jamie back in Japan with an International Driving Permit from AAA and Fast IDP

Our story:
Fast IDP started after Jamie needed to make an urgent trip to Japan for a few weeks.  It was only after getting there that he realized he needed to have an International Driving Permit (IDP) to be allowed to drive.  With no legitimate option other than to mail an IDP application to AAA and wait 5-7 weeks for its return, Jamie found himself needing to get around rural Japan for a month but without a way to drive.  Jamie was frustrated by the inability to drive, and also by the many websites selling illegitimate IDPs and spreading misinformation about the IDP process. Upon returning to the US, Jamie decided he wanted to give other people a way to access an IDP fast if they were already abroad. He shared his desire with his supportive parents, who agreed to help build the business with him. And thus, Fast IDP was born. 

What customers are saying:

"I recommend Fast IDP to anyone who is already abroad and looking to get their IDP fast. 10/10!"

Alex Ortiz

Five star rating from trustpilot_2_edite

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