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Go to the bottom of our Apply page to find full current pricing, and use the offered promo code. Total prices start at $85 plus tax.  The cost of an International Driving Permit from Fast IDP is a combination of the processing and shipping fees based on the speed and destination selected in the application.

Jamie back in Japan with an International Driving Permit from AAA and Fast IDP

Jamie from Fast IDP with his international driving permit in Japan.

Why is Fast IDP more expensive than vendors of unauthorized international driving permits or AAA?

Vendors of illegitimate international driving permits will often auto-generate a document (considered fraudulent by the US government) that looks similar to an International Driving Permit to email to their customers. These businesses may also sell your personal information (drivers license number, address, etc.) to nefarious third parties.  

Since AAA is the only authorized issuer of international driving permits (IDPs) in the US, Fast IDP must have one of our team members check your documents, print them, go in person to AAA, wait to have them processed, pay the AAA processing fees, and ship you your IDP.  We try to make our service as affordable as possible, but this process takes time and money.

The least expensive way to get an International Driving Permit is to go to AAA in person.  If you do that, the IDP booklet costs $20 plus tax and passport photos cost ~$15 plus tax (photo price varies by location). Depending on processing speed and shipping location, Fast IDP can be as little as ~$50 more expensive than going to AAA in person.

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